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Using Travel-Pix PDFs

The quick hints are at the top of this page.  The Introduction to PDFs follows below.

Quick Hints

The pictures and captions should occupy as much of the screen area as possible, with minimum clutter.

1.  Maximize the browser window for viewing online.

The PDFs will then automatically adjust to full-frame size in many browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).

With some browsers (e.g. Chrome) you may also need to click on an Expand option to get a full-frame display.

2.  Sometimes it's best to save the PDF to your hard disk for viewing.

-  If you have a slow connection and want to avoid ever having to download the file again,

-  If you expect to be viewing the file repeatedly, or

-  If you prefer to the ideal viewing setup using the Adobe Reader offline, as described below.

Bookmark this site, save the PDF to a convenient location, close the browser, and open the PDF using the Adobe Reader.

3.  You can achieve the ideal viewing setup with the Adobe Reader and a saved PDF offline.

Even with the its window maximized a browser's title, menu, and control bars occupy part of the screen.

To get the maximum area for viewing:

-  Launch the Adobe Reader and retrieve the PDF.  You can probably just double click on the PDF file.

-  Maximize the Adobe Reader window.

-  Go to the "View" option in the Reader's menu bar and select "Full Screen Mode".

-  Use the ESC key to exit from Full Screen Mode.

Introduction to PDFs

The picture PDFs posted on this site will work whether you have a PC or a Mac, and it won't matter which operating system, web browser, or version of the Adobe Reader you are using.

The required software is almost certainly on your system already, but if not you can get it for free from Adobe as explained below.

When you click on the link to the PDF picture file your web browser will begin to retrieve the file.  This will take either a few seconds or longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

When the download is complete you can move through the file easily using any of:
       -  PageUp and PageDn,
       -  any of the arrow keys, or
       -  the mouse buttons.

To Get or Update Adobe Reader Software

If your system does not have an Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files, or if you need an update, you can download one for free from the Adobe Reader page.


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