Welcome to my online travel photos.

This website provides links to packages of my travel photos, assembled in PDF format.  Each package consists of 70 to 200 captioned photos.

The dropdown menu above links to destination pages that provide a brief description of the region or trip, sample images, map, table of contents, and the links to the PDF picture files.

The Links Page provides a clickable list of all the pages -- to survey what's available and go directly.



This site uses PDF-format picture files to provide large, high-quality digital images and easy movement from picture to picture, with just a single key press, mouse click, or swipe.  You can move as fast as you want, and skip sections easily.  You can read or ignore the caption notes.


Even if you've visited this site often in the past please check out the new Viewing Setup Hints page to ensure that your browser controls display the PDFs as intended.




This website is my way of sharing images and impressions with friends, relatives, people planning trips, and curious web surfers.  I hope it encourages people to travel, and to travel early in life.



Iā€™m interested in what you find useful and not, and would appreciate your suggestions.  Please send your comments to info@travel-pix.ca .