Florida East

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  My visit to the east coast of Florida took me from Orlando to Key West, with a 75 mile extension form there out into the Gulf of Mexico to Dry Tortugas.

Highlights included a thorough two-day visit to the Kennedy Space Center, visits to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, an appreciation of the Arts Deco architecture of Miami Beach, sightseeing down the Florida Keys, day sails from Key West, and the exploration of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.

The link to the Pictures File is below the Sample Images.  A Map and a Table of Contents are provided below that, in both on-screen and printable forms.


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Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

Pier at Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach

Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Key Largo, Florida Keys

Key Largo

Key West, Florida Keys

Key West

Beach at Key West, Florida

Key West

Schooner Adirondack, Key West

Schooner Adirondack, Key West

Miami, Florida


Miami Beach, Floridaa

Miami Beach



Link to Pictures File


You can access the PDF pictures file by clicking or tapping on the link below.


Route Map

I flew in to Orlando and drove a rental car south to Key West, with side trips along the way.  After my excursion to Dry Tortugas I doubled back to visit Miami, and returned home from there.

Florida Routes Map is available if you wish a paper copy to follow along.

Florida map

Table of Contents

The Contents table from the picture file is reproduced below.  If you wish a paper copy to target your viewing, use Florida East Printable Contents.

Cover   1
Contents   2
Introduction   3
Route Map   4
Cocoa Beach   5
Kennedy Space Center      11
Rocket Sizes Chart  33
Facilities Map  43
Delray Beach  48
Fort Lauderdale  51
Everglades  64
South Florida Map  67
Key Largo  68
Florida Keys 1  78
Key West 1  86
Dry Tortugas 113
Key West 2 122
Florida Keys 2 127
Miami Beach 131
Art Deco District 144
End 158