Florida Keys

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  My main visit combined regular Florida Keys sightseeing with a concentrated look at the remnants and legacy of the Key West Extension of Henry Flagler's East Coast Railway.

I drove south from the Miami airport and returned there, retracing steps in my earlier east coast visit, but seeking out new sights and adventures.  Major destinations were Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West.  A short helicopter ride at Marathon provided unique views not only of that community but of the Keys as a whole.

The bridges and other remains of the Overseas Railway, and insights from the Pigeon Key, Key West, and Islamorada historic sites and museums, are gathered together in a separate section to present a chronological account of this remarkable and transformative undertaking.

  The Key Largo trip was just a winter escape, but I did a bit of exploring, including seeing what's leftover from the making of the Key Largo movie that made this town famous.  Also: a dolphon attraction, a wild bird sanctuary, and a repeat of the Pennekamp Reef Cruise.


The link to the Pictures File is below the Sample Images.  A Map and a Table of Contents are provided below that, in both on-screen and printable forms.


Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo

Boat Channel, Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo Boat Channel

Whale Harbor, Florida Keys

Whale Harbor

Florida Keys, looking north from Vaca Key

Florida Keys, north from Vaca Key

Seven Miles Bridges, Florida Keys

Seven Miles Bridges

Swedish Training Barge, Key West, Florida

Swedish Training Barque, Key West

Sunset Silhouette, Key West, Florida

Key West

Florida East Coast train on Long Key Viaduct

Long Key Viaduct



Link to Pictures File


You can access the PDF pictures file by clicking or tapping on the link below.


Route Map

I flew into and out of Miami but really started and ended my visit to the Keys at Key Largo.  The blue notations on this map are locations of sightseeing images outside of the major cities.

A printable Florida Keys Maps package includes two maps, the one below and a second noting the locations of siginificant sites for the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway.

Florida Keys map

Table of Contents

The Contents table from the main picture file is reproduced below.  If you wish a paper copy to target your viewing, use Florida Keys Printable Contents.

Introduction   3
Map   4
Part 1. Sightseeing  
Welcome to the Keys   5
Key Largo   6
Upper Keys  14
Whale Harbor  15
Anne's Beach  18
Marathon  20
Helicopter  24
Lower Keys
Seven Mile Bridge  37
Bahia Honda State Park  39
Big Pine Key  42
Stock Island  43
Key West  44
America 2 Day Sail  47
Mel Fisher Maritime Museum  55
Jolly II Rover Sunset Sail  67
Part 2. The Overseas Railroad  76
Henry Flagler  77
Keys Map  79
Construction  80
Long Key Viaduct  82
Pigeon Key  85
Seven Mile Bridge  93
Bahia Honda Bridge  94
Success … but  95
Disaster 100
Vet's Highway Piers 101
Hurricane Memorial 102
Bankruptcy 105
The Overseas Highway 106
Legacy 108
Books 113
End 114