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This is one of the largest (and I think most interesting) sections here.  The photos were gathered over the course of three years.  I've divided them into parts (South, Central, North), with web pages providing details about each.

My German travels started in Southern Germany, with a guided tour of the Bavarian castles of King Ludwig and his family, and visits to other Bavarian highlights like Mt. Zugspitze and the floral island of Mainau in Lake Constance.

I had such a great time exploring the castles in Bavaria that I returned for a guided rivers and castles tour of Central Germany, exploring the Rhine and its tributaries.  I cruised on the Rhine, saw ancient castles on the Rhine, Moselle, and Neckar Rivers, visited medieval towns like Rothenburg, and sampled the products from the hillside vineyards.

I had a few days in Northern Germany to visit Leipzig, Berlin, and Hamburg.  I didn't have time to see them as thoroughly as the other parts of Germany, but I did see fascinating sites in each city, history and reconstruction in both Leipzig and Berlin, and the continuing seagoing traditions of Hamburg.

You can access the PDFs from this page or from the individual Regional Pages listed below. Those pages have extra sample pictures and more detailed on-screen route maps.

Links to all three Picture Files are below the Sample Images.  An overall route map and contents notes are provided below that.


Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

Linderhof Castle


Neuschwanstein Castle


The Alps, fro Mt. Zugspitze

The Alps, from Mt. Zugspitze

Assmannhausen, Rhine Valley

Assmannhausen, Rhine Valley

Burg Eltz, Moselle Valley

Burg Eltz, Moselle Valley

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Alte Nationalgalerie / Old National Galley, Berlin

Old National Gallery, Berlin

Alster Lake, Hamburg

Alster Lake, Hamburg



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Destination maps are included on each of the South, Central, and North pages, and in each of the PDF picture files.

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The Contents tables from the pictures files are reproduced below.  If you wish a paper copy to target your viewing, you can access and print  Germany Printable Contents .

The Contents tables from the fronts of the PDF picture files are reproduced at the bottom of the Denmark, Norway, and Sweden & Finland Regional Pages.

If you wish a paper copy to target your viewing, you can access and print  Germany Printable Contents .

Contents   2
Introduction   3
Map   4
Hopfen am See   5
Hohenschwangau  12
King Ludwig II's Castles  
Neuschwanstein  18
Linderhof  27
Herrenchiemsee  37
Lake Starnberg  45
Bavarian Towns
Oberammergau  47
Bad Tölz  52
Wieskirche  55
Andechs Monastery  59
Nymphenburg  62
Central Munich  70
Munich Residenz  76
Olympic Park  82
Allianz Arena  87
Lake Constance  
Lindau  92
Mainau 100
Mount Zugspitze 109
End 120
Contents   2
Introduction   3
Map   4
Rhine River  
Rüdesheim   5
Rhine Valley  18
St. Goar  40
Burg Rheinfels  42
Marksburg  54
Koblenz  62
Ehrenbreitstein  65
Cologne  72
Moselle River  
Burg Eltz  76
Cochem  81
Trier  83
Neckar River  
Heidelberg  89
Neckar Valley  98
Main River & Tributaries  
Rothenburg 100
Würzburg 109
Frankfurt 116
Frankfurt Airport 128
End 136
Contents   2
Introduction   3
Map   4
Leipzig   5
Central Leipzig   6
Reconstruction  12
InterCityExpress  15
Berlin  19
20th Century History    25
Holocaust Memorial  37
Spree River Cruise  43
Museum Island  47
Reconstruction  54
Hamburg  57
Central Hamburg  58
Harbour Cruise  63
Lake Alster  75
End  81