Imperial Tour

Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

  These photos are from a new tour which European Castles Tours was testing – Imperial Castles Tour: Castles of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

I was told to expect "the legacies of the centuries when European imperial emperors and countries competed to build the largest, most ornate, and most expensive castles and palaces."  But I was still amazed.

North Americans think of castles as big buildings.  Prague Castle is a small city all by itself.  Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is 400 acres of magic.  Beautiful towns and exquisite castles appeared throughout this tour.

International travel for this tour was via Munich.  The Munich sights, including the Residenz, are included in the Southern Germany section of Travel-Pix.  Slovakia and Hungary are no longer included in these Imperial tours.

The link to the Pictures File is below the Sample Images.  A Route Map and a Table of Contents are provided below that, both in on-screen and printable forms.


Quick Start: Imperial.pdf


Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

Approaching Innsbruck, Austria

Near Innsbruck, Austria

Mirabel Palace, Salzburg

Mirabel Palace, Salzburg

Vienna City hall

City Hal, Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Powder Gate, Prague

Powder Gate, Prague

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

Parliament, Budapest

Parliament, Budapest



Link to Pictures File


You can access the PDF pictures file by clicking or tapping on the link below.


Destinations Map

The photographs are presented in country sequence:  Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

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destinations map

Table of Contents

The Contents table from the pictures file is reproduced below.  If you wish a paper copy to target your viewing, use Imperial Printable Contents.

Contents   2
Introduction   3
Destinations Map   4
Innsbruck   5
Salzburg  12
Vienna  24
Schönbrunn Palace      32
Czech Republic  
Cesky Krumlov  44
Hluboka  52
Prague  55
Prague Castle  60
Bratislava  69
Budapest  75
Danube Evening  88
End  91