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  Ontario is a province of extremes, with most of its population huddled together in the south.  The "golden horseshoe" area around the western end of Lake Ontario is home to 6.5 million people.  Population density there is 1,665 per square mile.  The area north of North Bay constitutes 87 % of the area of the province, but has a population of only 745,000.  Population density there is 2.3 per square mile.

The southern portions of Northern Ontario are forested and the mix of lakes and rivers makes these areas attractive to wilderness adventurers.  Further north the vegetation thins out, the geological history of the region becomes more evident, and the proportion of native people increases.

The photos here are from two rail adventures, an autumn day trip from North Bay to Temagami, and an excursion to Moosonee and Moose Factory on the shore of James Bay.  Moose Factory was the first English-speaking settlement in Ontario, established in 1673 to trade with the native people for furs to take back to Europe.

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Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

North of North Bay, Ontario

North of North Bay

Temagami, Ontario


Lake Temagami

Lake Temagami

Cochrane, Ontario


Moose River, Ontario

Moose River

Railway Museum, Moosonee

Railway Museum, Moosonee

Moose Lodge, Moosonee

Moose Lodge, Moosonee

Cree Interpretive Centre, Moose Factory

Cree Centre, Moose Factory



Link to Pictures File


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First a short "Dreamcatcher" day trip by rail from North Bay to Temagami, and then a six-day "Polar Bear Express" rail journey from Toronto to Moosonee on James Bay and back.

A package of printable Ontario Maps is available if you wish paper copies to follow along.

Northern Ontario map

Table of Contents

The Contents table for this PDF is reproduced below.  The combined Contents tables for all Ontario pictures files are included in the printable Ontario Contents PDF.

Contents   2
Introduction   3
Map   4
Dreamcatcher Express   5
Temagami  11
North Bay  24
Lake Nipissing  26
Polar Bear Express  30
Northlander  31
Cochrane  34
Polar Bear Express  38
Moosonee  41
Fossil Island  48
Quarry  53
James Bay  56
Moose Factory  60
Cree Centre  65
End  74