Welland Canal

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  The Welland Canal is the other wonder on the Niagara Peninsula, this one made by humans.

The Welland Canal connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie through a series of eight locks, allowing ships to bypass the step of 167 feet / 51 metres at Niagara Falls.

The need to find a way for ships to bypass Niagara Falls led to the construction of four successive Welland Canals over the years. Work on the first began in 1824.  Construction of the current canal started in 1913, was interrupted by World War I, and was completed in 1932.  The development of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950s ultimately led to the Welland Bypass project, a major realignment of the central section of the canal in the 1960s and 70s.

This isn't a typical Travel-Pix package. No gardens or castles or mountains, mostly just lots of photos of the canal, its ships, and its crossings.  If naval architecture isn't your thing you can ignore the captions and just quickly flip through the pictures of the impressively big toys.

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Sample Images

Here are a few sample images from the picture files.  You can click or tap on these to see larger versions.

Welland Canal entrance from Lake Ontario at Port Weller

Lake Ontario, Port Weller

Trito Navigator entering Welland Canal Lock 1

Entering Lock 1

CSL Tadoussac, raised in Welland Canal Lock 1

Raised in Lock 1

Elbeborg, in Welland Canal Lock 3, headed to Belgium

Headed to Belgium, Lock 3

Tanker Algonorth leaving Welland Canal Lock 7

Leaving Lock 7

Federal Satsuki passing through Homer double leaf bridge on Welland Canal

Homer Double Leaf Bridge

Tanker Algonorth passing through Allanburg veretical lift bridge on Welland Canal

Allanburg Lift Bridge

Bulk carrier Strandja entering Welland Canal at Port Colborne

Lake Erie, Port Colborne



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The overview map below and a map of the central section of the Niagara River are included in the pictures PDF.

The overview map is included in a package of printable Ontario Maps if you wish a paper copy to follow along.

Niagara Peninsula and Welland Canal map

Table of Contents

The Contents table for this PDF is reproduced below.  The combined Contents tables for all Ontario pictures files are included in the printable Ontario Contents PDF.

Contents   2
Introduction   3
Map   5
Canal Profile   5
Port Weller   7
Lake Ontario Entrance  11
Lift Locks
 Lock 1  19
 Lock 2  23
 Welland Canals Centre  26
 Lock 3  27
 Twinned Flight Locks 4-6  33
 Lock 7 Viewing Centre  39
 Lock 7  40
 Bascule Bridges  51
 Double Leaf Bridge  56
 Vertical Lift Bridges  59
 Welland Bypass  66
 Tunnels  67
 Port Robinson  69
Guard Lock - Lock 8  72
Port Colborne  78
Trends and Outlook  81
Lake Erie  89